Our philosophy

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“Details are the most important. The Devil is in the details”



Hello to everyone,


Since a few years ago I decided to focus my professional activity on the care of people I realized  I could not call it work  an activity that made me smile every day.

I am proud to say that I enjoy pleasing others. I do not think I could offer the same service if I did not think and feel this way.


I recently launched All-in-One, an Agency offering a bespoke service to people who trust me to find the best solutions for their requirements. I pride myself in being able to stay one step ahead of those requirements by knowing exactly what my clients want and by delivering that most efficiently and quickly.

Everyone is different, the needs of people are not equal, much less their tastes. So I deal with every customer personally.  I take the time and trouble to get to know the people I’m working with so that I can provide a perfectly tailored experience. Because every person needs his tailored suit.


The small details are the most important.At All-in-One we constantly strive for excellence, ensuring everything you want is taken care of seamlessly.


I welcome you and look forward to giving you the best of me.

Max Hausmann

Max Hausmann